About us

KRM Security is a new growing name in the security industry.

We work in partnership with our clients, businesses and other organisations to provide integrated security solutions, meeting all challenges in direct, hands on and professional manner.

We at KRM pride ourselves in providing the exceptional services in manned guarding and other security solutions. We have well qualified, astute and experienced security professionals whose dedication and hard work is continually improving our growth.

Our staffs is our asset and for this KRM is always seeking to recruit the very best professionals from the market, we recognise the needs of different assignments therefore, we nurture our staff and give them the best opportunities to grow their skills and knowledge so they can have a successful career with us at KRM Security.

At KRM Security we understand the importance of regular and effective client contract management services, we tailor our services to ensure that we exactly fit with your requirements and expectations and put into effect a regular feedback regime to ensure constant awareness of our clients needs and demands.

Our contract Managers guarantee the interaction with our clients and are available at your contract on as little as two hours notice to ensure the quality of service is delivered. Our Operations manager organises regular meetings with clients at designated intervals to ensure that KRM is meeting your requirements, as committed and discuss any future security plans.

Here at KRM Security our aim and ambition is to support your business beyond that of our competitors and provide you with the services you deserve. We believe your priorities are our ultimate priority.

As we continue to grow, we aim to be cited as one to the top security companies in London.