KRM Security is a people company and every single person in our organisation, whether they’re a partner, director, HR practitioner or security officer, needs to be highly skilled and highly motivated, fully committed and inherently flexible, Professional and pragmatic.

In order to make a valid contribution to the development of our clients’ businesses every one of our staff has to share a very simple, but very successful, philosophy.

“……..We aim to constantly, and consistently, set new standards in the security services we offer to our clients as well as in the quality of our services. We are an active and fast growing company that do not sit idly by like many competitors and that’s why we need talented and motivated individuals who can be extremely effective business people as well as extremely efficient security officers.

All KRM Security people think in our clients’ shoes, function as part of a team and help our company to operate as a highly valued security company.

They inspire confidence but they can also be inspirational. They can be proactive with regard to a client’s overall business objectives as well as reactive with regard to any current or imminent problems.

If you think you’re the sort of person who could make a contribution to the continuing growth of KRM Security, why not find out more? We offer competitive salaries, bonuses and benefits packages, opportunities for flexible working and supportive, stimulating friendly working environments in London.