Construction Security

Regardless of the nature of the site, construction, demolition or refurbishment, all building sites are potential hotspots for vandalism, theft or damage. They are often targeted and repeatedly attacked by youths, gangs and squatters due to their uninhabited nature. We at KRM Security Services understand this and have the privilege to provide your building site with licensed and trained security personnel to prevent your contracted site from being the target of these criminals.

Our well trained contract managers have an array of experience within construction security and will conduct a full risk assessment alongside your management teams to identify potential risk areas, and will ensure that all personnel sent to your site from us have been appropriately trained and are aware of all the potential risks involved.

Alongside manned guarding, we also offer an adjunct service, in the form of stock and inventory control. This is to prevent systematic materials theft; and this service can be fully integrated into your main security plan for each individual project. We have well experienced ‘stock controllers’ who will track, note and secure your materials and their movements around the site, to prevent any form of theft.

The officers we provide hold full knowledge of building site health and safety, fire and intruder alarm procedures and they will perform regular patrols across the site and keep a full record of these, which of course can be made available to you.

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