Key Handling & Alarm Response

At KRM Security Services, we understand that no property is safe without effective security measures and an experienced team.

With SIA-approval and in the Top 10% of private security firms in the UK, our specialised key holding, and alarm services are recognised as industry leading.

With this efficient service you can rest assured that our SIA licensed guards will provide a reliable solution, rapidly responding to any alarm call to ensure the absolute safety of your premises and immediately alerting the police if there are any signs of criminal activity.

Each security officer is first aid trained and qualified in health and safety procedures, meaning that you’ll have extra protection in emergency situations.

Trusting KRM Security Services with your key holding security means that any harmful situations which could arise will be for us to deal with.

Our security team have been trained to deal with all types of scenarios, so your safety will never be compromised.

A set of keys will be kept in a secure, off-site location meaning that if anyone gets locked-out, access is guaranteed 24/7.

Mobile foot patrols can be conducted so that your premise is monitored continuously, even when no alarm has sounded.

Professional key holding can benefit your business by eliminating the need to allocate and manage internal key holders, and by ensuring that only professionally trained security personnel arrive at potentially dangerous scenes.

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