Retail Security

KRM Security Services understand that prevention is far better than the loss of revenue and valuable time. Our dedicated Retail Security Services division, of which every member possesses an SIA licence, strive to minimise ongoing losses by clamping down on shoplifting and theft.

Retail Security is a sector that comes with a very unique set of challenges, but our adaptable teams are more than capable of dealing with any retail environment across the UK.

We understand the high pressure of margins in the retail industry therefore our innovative methods of loss reduction will never affect the smooth running of your business operations. Revenue will be maximised as losses will decrease.

Not only are our officers able to pre-empt potential theft and disruption on site, they also appreciate the value of excellent customer service, making every effort to maintain a pleasant environment for shoppers and employees alike.

Certainly, in today’s business climate, dealing with customers is becoming an ever challenging issue faced by many businesses. Ensuring customer satisfaction is key for a retail business to prevent a loss of stock and we believe that a part of this is making the customer feel safe and secure within your retail environment.

At KRM Security, we take the time to learn and understand your retail stores unique needs, and then our team of dedicated contracts managers aim to provide highly motivated and experienced professionals.

No matter the size or shape of your store, whether a small corner shop or a large department store in a shopping mall and no matter the nature of your business, whether an entertainment complex or a grocery store, we will provide the highest quality retail security.

Our managers are always available to meet and discuss plans for retail security, complete any risk assessments and advise you on the most cost-effective security solution, tailored to your needs.

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